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Vestry Update

Vestry Update from Senior Warden, Dotti Meyer

The focus of the July vestry meeting was to complete the St. Giles’ Covenant. After reviewing what we had accomplished previously and revisiting our Job Description, we agreed on the content of our Covenant. All that remains is to fine tune the order of statements and share these documents with the parish. Many thanks to our vestry members on a job well done.

We discussed the current Covid situation and mask wearing at St. Giles’. It was clear the vestry prefers continuing our policy of wearing masks inside. This policy will remain. Starting in August we will bring back coffee hour (outside!).

John Atwood presented an updated Memorandum of Understanding between St. Giles’ and the Food Pantry which was approved by our vestry and passed along to JACFP. Thank you John.

A Stewardship Committee was established for our Fall Campaign. Vestry members John Atwood, Tom Eichler and Wendy Eichler volunteered and will be looking for a parishioner to serve on the committee as well. Please consider this opportunity.

I think a cheer went up when Charles told us the roof project was complete! Finally!

The Diocese is offering another grant for technology needs. We are looking for someone to help write the grant…any volunteers?

Many, many thanks to ALL the members of our vestry for their time and thoughtful input regarding our work and service.

Dotti Meyer

June meeting:

The June vestry meeting was focused on creating our covenant. After reading about  what a covenant is and it’s purpose, and studying many examples at our May meeting we were asked to submit our ideas of what should be in a vestry covenant for St, Giles’. Rev. Dana shared these and we began the process of writing our document based on our common ideas.  Our goal is to complete this process at next month’s meeting.

In other business, the roof repair is near completion…come on sun! We have resumed our Food Pantry Sunday  Donations concentrating on snacks for seniors. The Food Pantry is very appreciative. There is lots of work going on planning upcoming events and occasions. Some dates worth noting:
    Community Sunday June 26  Stepping Stone Housing speakers
                                        July 10.   CHIP speaker
      Country Fair.             July 30
May meeting…
The May 10th vestry meeting began with our continued study of vestry covenants. We shared our reflections after reading several examples from other churches. Our goal is to have a completed covenant for St. Giles at our next meeting. We look forward to sharing this with the parish.

Linda reported from the Ecumenical Council for Homelessness Prevention that the needs are great at this time. We voted to send $300 from our Outreach Fund to assist with current requests.

A discussion was held concerning how to include our Zoomers more and enable them to see the congregation during our service. This is a work in progress. If you have suggestions please share with a vestry member or Meegan, our tech guru. If you are a Zoomer in need of a Book of Common Prayer or Hymnal, please reach out to Dotti or Dana. 

A message from our Sr. Warden:

The April vestry meeting began with a review of what we had determined to be ‘the role of St. Giles’ vestry’ at our March retreat. Our next step is to create a vestry covenant. We began a discussion of what that looks like and will finish that at our May meeting.

The business portion of the meeting highlighted our need for volunteers as we move forward. Rev. Dana shared what her one-third time position looks like on a weekly basis and it is very limited. Our Community Services are helping to bring St. Giles into the community while freeing up time for Dana to pursue other pastoral needs. Volunteers are leading these services, finding speakers and sharing knowledge.

Our major fundraiser will be held July 30th . We hope to hold an event similar to last year’s Jump into Fall  and it’s time to begin planning. Volunteers are needed on all levels.

ECW has two projects lined up and volunteers will be needed.

The Junior Warden has started a list of clean up and repair tasks. Volunteers will be needed.

 Watch and listen for the volunteer opportunity that will allow YOU  to share your time and talent

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