St. Giles' Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Jefferson, Maine

Transition Ministry

Welcome to St. Giles’ Episcopal Church! We are in beautiful Jefferson, Maine, a community on Damariscotta Lake, just a short drive from the ocean in one direction and the mountains in the other. The natural beauty encourages many outdoor recreational opportunities. Our church is nestled in a pine grove which provided much of the lumber used to create the furnishings of our building.

There is a genuine feeling of love and peace shared here. The St. Giles community is a family committed to Christ and to one another, committed to serving the Saints of God as best we can with the gifts God has given us. We are known for our warmth and hospitality. As one member said, “When I come to St. Giles on a Sunday morning I’m not coming to church, I’m coming home.”

We are mindful of our relationship with Jefferson and the surrounding towns and want to expand our presence in the community.  After you have reviewed our parish profile, you will see that we have formed a partnership with the local food pantry and made our own initiatives to share God’s love abundantly. We seek a leader who will support and encourage our projects, big and small. We excel at encouraging each other when we are feeling discouraged, and we want to be able to offer this same type of support to our priest.

Like many churches in Maine, our number of worshipers has leveled off in the past year. However, we are confident and optimistic that our own efforts coupled with effective pastoral leadership will bring growth in strength and numbers. Some of our projects have been somewhat stalled as we struggle with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we realize that as restrictions are lifted, we will be more free to pursue them.  Our discernment process has highlighted how very important it is to us to provide a place that is welcoming to youth and families not only in our physical building and worship practices, but also from the perspective of our real engagement at community events. We want it to be known that we can be called upon both in times of need and in times of celebration, to support the families of our communities.

We are looking for a priest who will share openly with us and encourage conversation about new ideas. We are open to change which follows collaboration and consensus. It is our hope that after reading this message you will feel called to reach out and start a conversation with us.

Discernment Committee, July 5, 2020

St. Giles’ discernment committee, led by Dotti Meyer, has gathered the thoughts and views of our parish as expressed during our meetings, during the parish-wide OTM party, and through phone calls and emails, to create our parish profile. We believe that our thoughtful discernment, guided by God, will lead us to our new priest in the time that God has chosen for us to meet. Please click on the link above to view our profile.

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