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If you missed church this Sunday, you can be sure we missed you even more. If you were here, but couldn’t hear an announcement, you will find it right here. If you have an announcement that needs to be made, email us at, and it will be posted here. If you want more information about any of the announcements, check in with a vestry member!

January 17, 2021

This is our last Sunday before The Reverend Dana Stivers takes the helm at St. Giles’ and we extend a great amount of appreciation to John Van Siclen, Robert Hargreaves, John Ineson, and all of the priests who have taken such good care of us over the past year and one half or so.

Reminder that ANNUAL MEETING IS JANUARY 24 after the Service

January 24th is Dana’s first service with us and it will be a special service, please stay tuned into your emails.

Reports due to John Atwood by Jan 17. (TODAY)

December 6, 2020

We have been having zoom services right along, but we have not have not had announcements in a while – this one certainly makes up for the long wait! Dotti Meyer announced that the discernment committee has completed its process. The committee submitted its recommendation to the vestry, and the vestry approved the selection for our new priest. The Bishop of Maine has also given his approval, and we are waiting now for the legal paperwork to be completed and signed. The discernment committee’s wonderful news is wholeheartedly welcomed and we await the day, soon, when the last details are complete so that we may know who our new priest will be.

John Atwood reminded us all that our pledge cards are due on Monday December 7. If you have not mailed yours in, please do so, and remember that we are asking for at 25% increase this year, so that we can set our budget to meet our 2021 needs, which include our costs associated with having a priest.

IF YOU HAVE IDEAS about how we can celebrate CHRISTMAS this year, please do let a vestry member know. The vestry will meet NEXT SUNDAY to discuss Christmas plans and the annual budget.

GILES OUTSIDE UPDATE: Giles has been busy learning a new activity, and Aowyn has created a video of what he’s been doing. It will be played at the 9:30 zoom service next week – so bring your children to the computer!

November 8, 2020

What a beautiful day for an outdoor service! We enjoyed Rev. Van Siclen’s sermon and eucharist under the pines. Children collected pine cones, a parishioner’s dog greeted worshipers, and Brigid made us some cookies to take home.

Our Senior Warden announced:

-We will move to online worship next week and look for Sundays with nice enough weather to hold worship outside.

-We will have a vestry meeting next week

-reminder that the steeple is going to have to be removed, as it is not feasible to repair it at this time.

-reminder to please send in your pledge contributions, even though we are worshiping online, we still have to meet our expenses!

November 1, 2020

Don’t forget to pick up a UTO box and start filling them up. Collection will be in the new year/early spring

Rev. Ineson’s picture blessing our animals was in the Dio Log

Please note that while we are not passing the collection plate for safety reasons, it is on the piano.

October 25, 2020

It is lovely to have John and Pam Van Siclen here today! They will be back again in a few weeks.

Report from John Atwood regarding the Diocesan Annual Meeting:

  • 58 of 59 parishes participated
  • Clergy compensation will remain the same for 2021 as it was for 2020 as churches across the country have been seeing a decrease in revenue.
  • A vote was called regarding a letter on breaking free of white supremacy. There was some discussion of this letter, but it ultimately passed.
  • The Maine diocese is among the first to initiate a climate activism stance which would ask that members make a contribution to offset their carbon footprint, especially when they travel by plane. The way to do this would be to write a check to the diocese with an indication of its purpose. You can receive your carbon footprint calculation information from your air carrier.
  • There was also a vote regarding a provision as to the Mic Macs tribe in Aroostook County, more on this in a later update.
  • Our elected district 6 representative is Steve Ward.
  • The Diocese asked us to participate more actively in UTO. We will be doing this and John has ordered the boxes.
  • Budget items:

The gross revenue of the Diocese is $1.8 million. The largest expense is salaries and benefits. The budget increase was only $2000

St. Giles’ assessment is about $9,000 this coming year.

Dotti Meyer’s Discernment update:

  • Dotti expressed thanks to Michael Ambler, our Diocese’s Canon to the Ordinary, who has been more than generous with his time and support.

COVID 19 update:

  • Theresa Penney, our contact with the Diocese, has been very supportive in helping us follow the guidelines to open and remain open safely.

October 18th, 2020

  • On October 18 we enjoyed our Eucharist with Rev. John Van Siclen! He preached the first in a series of sermons about Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, and challenged us to come back to hear his next sermons with an open heart to find out how our similarities to Paul may help us to see how close we can be to God.
  • Vestry meets today, Oct. 18th after church. Most vestry meetings are open to the parish. Feel free to ask to have something placed on the agenda if you need something addressed.
  • Bob Sinclair and John Atwood attended the virtual diocesan convention this weekend. A full report will be presented during the church on October 25, next Sunday. The convention went very smoothly, with 247 people participating!
  • Saturday October 24 the church will be used for a private function. If you need to get something done at the church on Sat 10-24, please be sure your mission is complete by noon. Thanks!
  • Saint Giles’ is one of many area churches that belongs to the Ecumenical Homeless Prevention Project in Lincoln County. The Project assesses housing needs in Lincoln County, and helps people in need of a security deposit, rent catch-up, or from time to time a utility bill to prevent shut-off.
  • Saint Giles’ Discernment Committee has been hard at work over the past few weeks with interviews and prayerful discussion about applicants to our current opening for a priest/rector. The Committee would greatly appreciate your prayers during this busy time.
  • Our October 4th Blessing of the Animals was an amazing success. We are already looking forward to next year!
  • If you’d like to listed to the convention address, check out the diocesan website. You can find links at

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