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If you missed church this Sunday, you can be sure we missed you even more. If you were here, but couldn’t hear an announcement, you will find it right here. If you have an announcement that needs to be made, email us at, and it will be posted here. If you want more information about any of the announcements, check in with a vestry member!

May 23 2021

The Rev. Dana Stivers preached a sermon helping us to understand the Pentecost lesson to present day, connecting us through the “Jesus Movement” as described and preached by our current bishop, Bishop Curry.

Announcements: We are working toward hybrid in-person services (we will still be streaming/connecting live via zoom) to begin in June. Stay tuned for more updates!

May 16, 2021

We missed you! Our only announcement is a reminder regarding Tuesday’s book study group. Check your email!

May 2 2021

We enjoyed a lovely service this morning, with a new guest, and a welcome back guest, Everett, who can now visit his grandmother again since vaccinations have been had!


The Rev. Dana Stivers:

Tuesday Book Study this Tuesday at noon via zoom. Book: The Church Cracked Open. Even if you don’t have the book yet, please come and share! If you have the book, please read the introduction and chapter 1. Zoom link to follow.

Next Sunday we will not have a service at St. Giles. Rather, we will have an opportunity to join the diocesan service. Link will be shared later in the week.

Sr. Warden, Dotti Meyer:

We are starting to organize a Summer Fair type of activity, and would love to have people join Debbie on the planning committee. Please contact Dotti or Debbie if you have interest in assisting!

Thank you to the vestry, which has worked hard to gather the information to update the church directory. A new directory will be shared soon.


April 25, 2021

What a Creation Celebration we enjoyed today, with our Earth Day centered service and a beautiful sermon that urges us to connect with and care for God’s creation.


The Rev. Dana Stivers:

Several members of the vestry attended the JACFP meeting on Wednesday and were delighted to see the church continue to be blessed with the presence of the food pantry, which fed 140 people last week alone. Praise be to God!

Christian Education: We will be reading Church Cracked Open beginning in May, on Tuesdays at noon via zoom. Link to be sent via email.

Don’t forget to support St. Giles’ via Amazon Smile!

Movie Screening: The Episcopal Maine Climate Justice Council presents “Kiss the Ground” via ZOOM on Monday ,April 26, 2021. Check your email or email Dana for the link.

Sr. Warden, Dotti Meyer:

Diane Grant sends her greetings and love to all of us at St. Giles’

April 18, 2021

We enjoyed an important sermon, focusing us on acknowledging racism and injustice, and actively working against both.


The Rev. Dana Stivers: Dana will be hosting a book club for the month of May. Check your email for a link to a survey re: which book to choose? Love is the Way or The Church is Cracked Open.

Sr. Warden, Dotti Meyer: We are continuing to discuss resuming in person service safely, and we will be providing people with the choice of in person, zoom, or recorded services soon.

Very good vestry meeting this week. Updating our directory, so be prepared to receive a phone call from a vestry member to ask you about updating your information

The Bishop shared some helpful information last week: If you would prefer to make an online payment of your pledge to St. Giles’ you can go to:

Through this link, you can make a donation directly to St. Giles’. Otherwise, please send your pledge payments directly to Tom Eichler.

April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

Announcement: not church next Sunday, join diocesan service, link by email.

March 28, 2021

Palm Sunday! We followed Jesus as He entered into Jerusalem to sounds of “Hosanna!” upon a road spread with palms and cloaks. We then forged on to the reading of the passion and the story of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Announcements that you missed:

Stay tuned to your email for news about how we will celebrate Easter Sunday next week. Don’t forget to complete the survey regarding the parish perspective on in-person worship, so that the vestry can use the data to make informed decisions.

Sr. Warden’s announcements:

– Thank you to those who assisted with delivery of the palms.

-There will be an in-person worship committee meeting after the service today.

March 21, 2021

Last week, St. Giles’ joined the Diocesan Youth Service, which was fantastic. This week, we joined together again on ZOOM. Rev. Dana Stivers preached a sermon on the Gospel of John, tuning us all in to what it really means to “want to see Jesus.”

Announcements that you missed:

-Vestry meeting this Tuesday at 7pm via zoom, link will come from Tom Eichler.

-Palm Sunday is March 28, next Sunday. Dana will set up a day for people to stop in at the church to pick up their palms. Dotti already received the palms, so please contact Dotti or Dana if you are not able to get to the church and need a palm-delivery service!

Sr. Warden:

Vestry will be discussing when and how to start in person services at the next vestry meeting. Our expectation is that when we resume in person worship, we will ALSO have ZOOM participation available to anyone who lives too far from the church to join, or would like to join remotely for any reason. Our goal is to make everyone continue to feel like part of a family, and for our services to feel like coming home, no matter where we are!

Check your email for updates from Rev. Dana. See you next week!

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