St. Giles' Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Jefferson, Maine

2020 Vestry and Committees

2020 Vestry

John Atwood, Senior Warden

Dick Pickering, Junior Warden

Tom Eichler, Treasurer

Meegan Burbank, Clerk

Debbie King (2022)

Cathey Sell (2021)

Brigid Gibson-Griffin (2021)

Representatives to the Diocesan Conference

Robert Sinclair and John Atwood

Dick Pickering and Tom Eichler, Alternates

Discernment Committee Members

Dotti Meyer, Chairperson

John Atwood

Robert Sinclair

Debbie King

Tom Eichler

Meegan Burbank

St. Giles' Episcopal Church - Jefferson, Maine | A member of The Episcopal Diocese of Maine, The Episcopal Church, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion