St. Giles' Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Jefferson, Maine

Lay Ministry Schedule — January 2019

St. Giles’ Episcopal Church

Lay Ministry Schedule — JANUARY 2019

January 6 — Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ

Don Kraus, Greeter

Tom & Wendy Eichler, Readers

Tracy Scates, Chalice

Dotti Meyer, Server

Wendy Eichler, Intercessor

Tom & Wendy Eichler Oblations

Tom & Wendy Eichler, Altar

Christmas Flowers for Altar Flowers

Michael Gunter & Jean Greenwood, Coffee Hour

January 13 — First Sunday after the Epiphany

Thomas & Basia Robinson, Greeters

John Atwood & Don Kraus, Readers

Tara Johnson, Chalice

Monika Robinson, Server

Meegan Burbank, Intercessor

Debbie King, Oblations

Monika Robinson, Altar

Need Volunteer to bring Altar Flowers

Tara Johnson & Dotti Meyer, Coffee Hour

January 20 — 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany

Martha Tait, Greeter

Tara Johnson & Meegan Burbank, Readers

Jean Greenwood, Chalice

Monika Robinson, Server

Tara Johnson, Intercessor

Martha Tait & Tara Johnson, Oblations

Jean Greenwood, Altar

Need Volunteer for Altar Flowers

Bill & Linda Smith, Coffee Hour

 January 27 — Third Sunday after the Epiphany

Nancy Saulniers & Everett, Greeters

Don Kraus & Jean Greenwood, Readers

Meegan Burbank, Chalice

Dotti Meyer, Server

Tara Johnson, Intercessor

Jean Greenwood & Tara Johnson, Oblations

Dotti Meyer, Altar

Need Volunteer for Altar Flowers

Thomas & Monika Robinson, Coffee Hour

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